'Lindenborg Pool'  by William Morris 

(book design and images by Sean Parfitt)


Lindenborg Pool is a re-telling of  Danish legend The Sunken Mansion and is published alongside 45 new prints by Sean Parfitt.  The publication is the result of two years research and development and the inaugral book by Be a St Press. It’s not an academic study, it’s pretty ambiguous in parts and at times actively confusing. The images are not intended to illustrate the story, rather they take key themes within it and expand upon them. Many of them have been key themes within Parfitt's art practice for years, such as reinterpretation, fabrication, iconoclasm, contradiction, nostalgia, disruption and willful destruction. The prints, all intricate lino cuts, echo the illustrative style favoured in Morris' Kelmscott publications and are printed here at their original scale. The first edition is limited to just 200 copies.


An audio book version of the story, performed by Charlotte Purton with musical soundtrack by Sean Parfitt, is available to listen to below.

Lindenborg Pool - William Morris, Sean Parfitt, Charlotte Purton